Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


Who the hell is Oleynikov?

Well, if we are talking about this blog, it represents not THAT Nikolay Oleynikov – genius early soviet poet, one of OBERIU movement, tragically ended up in Stalin’s carcer in 1937. But vice versa – Oleynikov – the mural painter of the recent past. Active member of Chto Delat? group and many other initiatives.

What the mess with the authorship is going on here?

The whole complexity is grounded in conventional interpretation of the place of author, the very concept of authorship, and the idea of collectivity, and participatory practices, which Oleynikov shares. As he is a member of certain number of collectives, actively participated in Chto Delat, May Congress of Creative Workers, Learning Film Group, Arkady Kots band, Free Marxist Press among others, he respectively considers himself as Chto Delat, Arkady Kots, Learning Film Group and so on. It is practically impossible to get associated with one and only initiative. Besides, he sometimes works as an individual artist. (Shit happens, you know). But this particular blog shows only mural works, especially participatory learning murals associated with communal living practices, and some graphic series. Most of that murals done either individually or as a part of Chto Delat’s shows. Most of them were elaborated together in collective workouts with ChD. Some methods and ideas has been brought from collective lab to individually made pieces; some were approbated in solo works and then naturally leaked into the group features. And you don’t try to trace what is what. Waste of time.

What then this selection is about?

Here we collected those pieces, which Oleynikov is physically responsible for. He just literally painted all that walls and drew all this papers.

Why then neither Learning Film Group, nor other minor initiatives are presented on this blog, but only a heavy-weight Chto Delat? What dirty tricks you are playing here?

Here we go again. This blog is for murals and drawings. As simple as that. Graphics by Nikolay Oleynikov e basta.


2 comments on “faq

  1. Anna
    October 4, 2013

    Dear Mr Oleynikov, I would like to contact you with an invitation for a project. Could you please send an e-mail with contact details to me. Thank you, Anna Friedländer, Project Manager at the Prague Quadrennial

  2. nikolayoleynikov
    March 8, 2014

    dear Anna, i am sorry i could not see this messag before. i guess it’s too late anyhow for the quadriennale project but in case to stay in contact for future projects my e-mail address is

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