Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


A three-day mural workshop took place in Castiglione d’Otranto (Italy) during the Green Night festival Aug 28th-31st, 2018, with participants of migrant and refugees communities from Lecce and Andrano,as part of Free Home University Lab series, developed with Casa delle Agriculture, in collaboration with Gruppo Umana Solidarieta’, and supported by Musagetes (Canada).

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Oleynikov made a mural as the result of a participatory study on the matter of hospitality. Referring to the classical biblical subject of hospitality of Abraham and to the famous inter-species pedagogical encounters of San Francesco,  re-interpreted in 1968 by Pier Paolo Pasolini in his Uccellini e Uccellacci, the artist will explore the theme together with comrades from GUS\SPRAR (Lecce and Andrano) to build up the narrative of the mural. Conceived as a didactic dictionary chart translating typical italian birds into various African languages and vice versa, participants will consider:

-What does the bird bring to host the stranger?

-What does one need, practically, to be hosted here and now?

-What would you offer as a host to a stranger?

Through a playful and poetic game/ exercise participants will analyse the political and human needs of those in the process of displacement.


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