Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


A Few Kicks to Fight for Our Theater of Liberation. a piece of Chto Delat at the phenomenal historical park in Athens, during FastForwardFestival, 2018. Multidisciplinary long-term research based piece was made to reveal some conditions of the park’s hidden histories.

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murals on the walls of the amphitheater at the 1st of May square are based on the quotes from most influential theater and culture figures who resisted fascism and dictatorship. The reference to The Birds by Aristophanes is connected to the play that was staged in the Alsos theater directed by Karolos Koun. In 1942 he founded the experimental Art Theater with Brecht and Pirandello were introduced in their repertoire. Birds were banned by the nazis of course.

Some graffiti works, such as quotes from Brecht that have been present on the walls, sits and stairs of the amphitheater were carefully integrated into the new composition



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