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Two-three little things on the Ri-Maflow’s agenda you got to know

First thing you gotta know about Ri-Maflow is that it is the only factory in Italy occupied and self-managed by it’s workers for already few years. Bravissimi! I am happy to thank my comrade Bert Theis and the team of Isola Art Center for giving me this opportunity to work there and to build this installation re-cycling leftovers of furniture i found there.

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the naked hungry dog in expressive moving posture, should be a clear metaphor here, no?

ok. then those banners say:

before lunch we argue with Marx, Tina Modotti, (young!) Lenin, A. Gramsci, and – as always – with Angela Davis

then we take a shower with Leo Trozky, Dan. Bensaid, W. Benjamin, B. Durutti, Malcolm X, Gr. Babeuf, and others

all days long we dream with Bakunin and Hannah Arendt

here see the video that was produced by Isola team that was working there all the time.

Thank you guys!




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