Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}

“OSLOBOĐENJE: the burlesque museum”

A two-room installation, in the Tito’s bunker in the mountains near Sarajevo. Mixed media. 2015

From the catalogue:

Nikolay Oleynikov develops the story of an unknown child of Tito as a fictional three-dimensional map. Nobody knew about the kid that spent all of his/her life in the D-0 ARK Underground bunker. But there is a myth saying that when once he/she will appear on the surface the real Liberation of all people will come on earth…

The Liberation (Oslobođenje) is the name of a Sarajevo based neoliberal newspaper. It was founded during World War II by Yugoslav partisans as an anti-Nazi newspaper. In the past it happened to be a flagship of the socialist non-aligned (propaganda) press in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The work is a punk baroque installation typical for Nikolay Oleynikov’s artistic practice. Among others, he involves aspects of porn, media, solitude and queer issues in order to develop a distopian site specific narrative.

And, by the way, we are still waiting for the child’s appearance.

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text of the story, appearing on the walls in the black room:

Maybe you won’t even believe me but the story goes like that:

Some say there was a child abandoned in the mountains, and he was adopted by a family of cows. Partisan, Voltaire, and Mother was their names.
It was a pretty advanced modern family, wasn’t it?

Others they say that he was a child of Tito and that he was living all his life in bunker. And that nobody saw him. And that he was dreaming to find a tunnel that leads to Zurich, directly to Cabaret Voltaire. And that he actually found this tunnel, but it led him to Sarajevo instead. And that he appeared in 2017 in the basement of this plaza, which was Olbodenije’s headquarters before.




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