Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}

MINOTAUR graphic series, 2014-15

coal, tea, ink on paper

12 sheets, 80X50cm each

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the whole text:

Room #1: Casting (who)
Q: Who is that, randomly roaming the darkness?
A: It’s me the soldier, the hunter, the warrior, and they call me Teseus

Q: Who’s there, anticipating and waiting in this silence?
A: Well, it’s me, sister of your enemy, Ariadne, sitting here to lead you through

Q: Who’s that sleeping here, who is keeping the gate to the seventh hell?
A: Me, your enemy, the beast, you call me Minotaur. Hi there and welcome
Room#2: Registration (when, where)
Fragile truce between Israeli and Palestine, U.S. invasion to Islamis State, war between Russia and Ukraine. I’m underground where it’s usually dark, in the WWII bunker: wartime dorm, catacombs, underground casemates, coal mine, in the grave, in the labyrinth
Room#2: Time curves
In this dark, time gone fuckin’ coo-coo. Totally. Either it plays it’s sick hide and seek game. Or it suddenly starts to hunt you, waiting for you around every corner of the maze, and when it catches you, it starts to devour you, chomps your guts, gnaws your ribs. And you can’t remember well anymore, either you are 1933, or in 74, or 50 years after, in 2014.
Room#3: Falling
And if you think its deep already here, I’ve got news for you: it Ain’t no coal mine deep enough, t’aint no trenches low enough. So we’re keeping on falling, my dear.


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