Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


Graphic series for the Secession Frieze, 2014-15,

Ink, paper, collage, 14 sheets, various dimentions

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full text:

They say it all happened in seconds, that the fire was high, that it was beautiful, not much damage, well, and no insurance. So I fell.
Episode One: Air
I was on guard that night, it was a warm summer night, and the wind blew gently at first. Then I began to feel the heat in my toes, then the wind started to get stronger, then I detected three of them approaching from the air: Low-frequency Unawareness, High-pitch Dogmatism, and Super-sonic Official News. Shit! They were too fast, I couldn’t even regroup. But in the next moment I realized I couldn’t hear anymore, just emptiness, plus I almost lost my sight.
Episode Two: Liquids
Then, almost immediately I felt thirsty, and at the same time it was like all my blood was boiling, and it seemed to take forever. Then I think I just got burned out, and then felt nothing anymore. Like I was drained out. And then, only then, I understood that it was an attack of the famous liquid vampires called Implied Laziness and Applied Hopelessness, they were covered by Imperialist Formalism on their right flank. And I lost that battle, too.
Episode Three: Fire itself
Still my heart was beating with hot-hot love, you know. So I was ready to face any struggle, against whatever. But I did not expect I would be attacked by Mistrust in the Power of Art.
Episode Four: Worms and Spiders
And that was basically it. All these gnawing, chewing, slurping, greedy creatures like Under-chopped Neoneonazism, Creeping Horizontality, Neoliberal Qualunquismo, Domestic Pride, Obsessive Homogeneity and all that approached my smoking ashes. And only then the fire brigade arrived, but by then it was way too late.
But then, after I lost myself, after Catastrophe was here forever, right within me I realized – I became something else.


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