Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


Moscow version was developed on 10 vertical wooden panels over 2m high each. Original version was made in situ on the wall of the Museum of Contamporary Art of Paris in 2010, both shows were curated by Elena Sorokina: In the “polyphonic mural” by Nikolay Oleynikov, characters from Soviet movies dating from early 1960s on are revived. In the pictural space of his mural the artist stages a conversation between these characters, who address each other, the spectator, and also the other works in the show with their questions and statements. The characters appear as if playing a new piece in which they discuss some traditional values of the “thaw” period and their later resonance – the mixed blessings of modernity, individual and communal identity, cynicism and romanti­cism… (ES)

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Texts on the panels are quotes from certain popular Soviet movies, where the Code of Ethics has been consequently discussed and developed in mass consciousness of post-war Soviet period: Nine Days of One Year (1962) Director: Mikhail Romm Gusev (nuclear physicist played by Alexey Batalov): The experiment has failed. But that’s normal. Now, out of hundred ways towards the truth, one has been proven invalid. There is only nighty-nine left to check.   Wings (1966) Director: Larisa Schepit’ko Nadezhda Stepanovna (played by Maia Bulgakova): ‘Let someone else do it,’ you say?! I never even knew the words ‘Let someone else do it’! I did my work and worked for others, too. And I don’t regret a thing. You hear me?   The Vertical (1967) Director: Stanislav Govorukhin Radioman (played by Vladimir Vysotsky ): The obstacles you are facing are all that out in front of you. Horizontal, let’s say. But here in the mountains, you suddenly acquire new, previously unknown, traits of character. Man lives in another dimension, so to say. Vertically.   The Beginning (1970) Director: Gleb Panfilov Pasha (played by Inna Churikova): He chose me to play, the director, because me and Jeanne D’Arc — we are just the same. She’s from the people, and I’m from the people. And both of us, Jeanne D’Arc and me, have the same ‘sharp reaction.’ And a temperament too. Yes girls – me, I’m happy! Very happy. Many I’ll play – them roles. All them hardest ones.   The Feedback (1977) Director: Victor Tregubovich, screenwrite: Alexander Guelmann Sakulin, a party worker, chair of the regional committee of KPSS (played by Oleg Yankovsky): And remember! Nothing in the world changes, until someone comes along and changes it. There is simply no other way to change anything!   Stalker(1979) Director: Andrey Tarkovsky Writer (played by Anatoly Solonitsyn): Man writes because he suffers, because he doubts. Time after time he has to prove to himself and to people around him, that he has a worth.   Igla [the Needle](1988) Director: Rashid Nugmanov Moro (played by Victor Tsoi): I can pay, but I don’t want Victory at any price Don’t want my foot on anyone’s chest I just wanna stay with you, nice Just wanna stay with you, nice Yet the star on high Calls me on the quest Wish me some luck in the fight, nice Wish me luck


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