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WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU STUPID?! (or how to teach basics to a nazi)

This Learning Mural, and the process of making it was a part of a larger project made by Chto Delat and produces within’ Wienn Festwochen 2014. The whole project took name WHAT IS MONUMENTAL TODAY.

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Starting point for this piece was our deep concern about frightening ultra-nationalist turn that is visible in Russian, Ukrainian, European and global politics. The neo-nazism spreads wider not only in parliaments but also on the streets. And legacy of the victory over nazism in 1945 will soon be totally hijacked by Russian neo-imperial nazis,fulfilling the old statement that “fascist of the future will be anti-fascists”. In this dangerous and challenging situation in relations to the legacy of anti-fascism we need to address this urgent issues and raise awareness that our old enemy has not disappeared but have a new faces which we must learn to recognize and fight against.

The production of this mural is located at the site of Schwarzenbergplatz where the collective Chto Delat are installing an open structure – a forum creating alternative public space where such discussions could happen in front of the monument of Soviet Soldier. The murals which will be realized collectively in this new public space construction are going to develop a visual vocabulary in the spirit of early soviet Agit-prop trains and Okna Rosta by Mayakovsky and other constructivist artists.

Mural, traditionaly is a monumental art form that tends to communicate with each spectator. Here on Schwarzenbergplatz we develop a set of the heroes of antifascist past, present and future which come together in a dialogue between themselves and the public.

Why after all these years of struggles, nazism is still here? How can we fight against it now? Who can be a today’s antifascist hero? (i. e. who is the subject of this struggle and what does she/he risks)? And What the figure of a hero can question us about?

Chto Delat are going to call for a temporary collective, a muralist brigade of activists, creative workers, non-artists, and whoever needs to participate, aiming to produce a certain monumental art piece, based on a commonly elaborated narrative plot, as well as on physical, artistic, and discursive practices of communal life. Also the process of production of the Leaning Mural often includes martial arts, sociological research, sleepovers, collective readings, music, dance, discussions, street politics, wall painting, screenwriting.

Participants to the process were Corina Lucia Apostoland Svetoslav Naidenov


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