Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


for ANTI-ANTI-COMMUNISM play in space by Chto Delat in TRANZIT.DISPLAY.CZ – a mural-based installation. Dimentions: 12x4m. Acrylic wall paintings, anticommunist books published in Czech, nails. Together with Dmitry Vilensky we elaborated a rather simple metaphor to explain how solydly neoliberal anticommunist propaganda is nailed onto our guts.


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One comment on “ANTI-COMMUNISM

  1. anonymous
    January 19, 2015

    socialism and communism, yet there are countries that still use those strategies, created for other countries and Governments, socialism and communism, are strategies to fight and to destroy important businessman, in many countries, the strategies of socialism and communism are used by dirty criminals persons, without studies and of a lower society, as servants, bakers, and farmers without studies, with the power of drugs they go up to the Government, to destroy capitalism, because they hate the riches, those are the strategies, some persons inside the government of the united states and mexico, they want to keep using, the communism to fight and steal, to capitalist businessman, those strategies, the persons of Communism they started, to use it after 1963, but businessman always they are defending how much with lawyers, to keep and retrieve their business the product of the capitalism, in the united states and mexico, some still continue using strategies of communism, but capitalism is winning to communism, dirty strategies of socialism and communism, yet still are being use , whether as ironies of the life, first they use socialism, which is a very dirty way to steal, they speak to all the public using friendship as a powerful weapon, using and abusing of all media, to steal economy power, to other countries, the communism regime, is obligated to share, the common life, they do not work to become riches, those only work to produce, it’s normal life, food, dress, energy, and that they share, only in between them, and their allies, the country of mexico and united states, are not allied countries, to the Communist countries, why because? Mexico and united states still are using communist strategies, after 1963, why those dirty liars and thieves, are that way with th public, the communists, those hate the rich life, well fine they don`t still those riches, they to live and to love their own poverty, in the years of the 60’s and 70’s was very common to invite to the believers in communism, to go to live in Communist countries, in the countries of america and mexico, the communism been made major disasters in the us economy, much of the public, still have Communist beliefs, because they were attacked by Communist beliefs in the years of 1960’s and 70’s, they say that in the North American country, that the american public they don’t like to rich people, of any country, from any where, that the americans, they hate to rich people, many americans start to say that as, since the the began of the 1980’s, that the North America country, it is only for immigrants, from poorer countries, because they need to be sustain, that the North American country, is not for the rich people from any country, that the american public they criticize and hate, the life of the rich people, the americans still they have Communist and Socialist beliefs, that the Americans attack to steal with those Communist strategies, yet there are many employees of the u.s. gov, those same persons whom attacked with communism, at its same american government, since the attack in 1963, effectively, still those are the same band of Communists, whom want to destroy the country of north america since 1963 until the present time, those are persons without studies and of a very low social class, an exjanitor from the cleaning, under mc namara, also another under name cataline o. davalos, also a janitor cleaning, whom became a treasure, none body know how, but she use to do the cleaning work as a made inside the white house, the expresident 1962, he sent, to cataline davalos, to go to do her work to another where, her cleanign work to the treasure departament, how she became the treausre ?, some how she messunderstand, or she do tings to messunderstand the expresident 1962, she became a treasure in the 1963, after none body can say more, cataline davalos she been a mestress of many, and she have to run away, those are the most important workers from communism, and they sabotage the orders from the good faith, they sabotage them to make them from a bad faith, those employes say never true, those employes don’t own the laws, they are only representing the laws, those communist, first they use the socialism, by calling, it like with alleged friendship, to effort their durty businesses, and with that to make the economic capital, from other countries, to go to countries countries, it like to mexico and the united states, those criminals, davalos, mc namara, those are driving the two countries as a single same country, under the same economics and politically, they are stealing to keep the two countries, after those grappling with socialism, latter those attack with their communism band to businessmen, those stolen the fortune they made, and after the dirty and false Communists, those spent all the businessman profit money, the communist leave to all the public american and mexican, plunged again in the poverty, the communist power, those give orders for the public, to steal and destroy the capitalist business, this is the fight that created, the regime military communist of mexico and united states, yes they were giving orders to their public, in about to steal the business from the capitalism, but advocates of the capitalism businessmen, they were defend very well, and they are always fighting against the communists, who those are not other, than the powerfull political, and their bands, that want to steal the factories of capitalist businessman, the lawyers are ever defending the business of capitalists businessman, the lawyers ever require, for those political communists persons to understand, the capitalis factories, them were created by private businesses, politicians do not have nothing to do with the factories of private businessman, the businessmen pay taxes and permits in order to work with their factories, many of the communist politicians, when they got up to power, they want to liberarte of the factories, but those politicians always, have no chance because they stay shortly in the power, the politician are not owners of any factory, and with their figth as Communists, they want only to destroy and to kill to rich business persons, because the communist politicians are mad, envious, angry, plus jealous of the capitalist businessmas, the communist never they go to stole any factory, if communism could win in america, the capitalist businessman inmediately they were to remove and to close, all the capitalist business factories, that inside the Communist countries, because supposedly the Communists don’t like the riches, plus they will figth to kill, they love to share their lives of poor, they hate the riches, the Communists destroyed the capitalism of the rich businessmen, and await another merchant as dam, as if the businessmen, they have to keep, plus hold and sustain their dirty lives, of the socialists and communists, that is how far, the Communists should rather use another economic system, if they hate so much the riches, those communist may be they should adopt a system economy based on agriculture, if they hate so much to the rich, the communsit have to treat and cultivate something else, further education, and for they to grow their own food, and then, they eat their own lives themselves, if they dont `like to buy and sell well they to sustain their own life, so do not have to buy or sell with rich countries, many they know, that Communists, destroys rich money, for comunist to can be able to fornicate with any class of persons, they like to destroy economic power, which are fine used to defend from the life, it is very sure that the power of the Communists, has to do with the power of Satan, because the Communists ever destroyed to rich people, to be able to fornicate with them, the poor people like the power of Satan they always want to destroy the power of money, communists do make everyone run out of money, to fornicate with them, the power of communist are in everything, in the power that they are, most it is in the power of the police, it is in where they can use their Communist power, to use and abuse, violate, fornicate with any persons they want to figth, even after they abuse those fulminate them, the Communists forced to any cain of persons to have to leave, to out side the street, to make prostitution, the power of money, is used to defend themselves against Satan, the people can defend with money, so the Communist power, is a very bad power, they take over many countries, to destroy them financially, they seize the banks and take all the economic power under communism, that up from the political power, the Communist power the give orders for all have to live in socialism, and they all have to start making prostitution, togueter they have to live with the same money, in the capitalist countries, the lawyers are ever fighting, how much to destroy the communism, which is nothing but, to have to fight and to accuse, the political communist thieves, and their band, that want to steal, good and money, from the factories of capitalist businessmen, the lawyers have to, publicly accuse, the robbers for they to end with the communism, If the political Communists, those hate so much to rich business people, well why those?, stolen riches, the capitalists they have their own system, the capitalists pay their workers, and pay taxes, the capitalists have their own sources of employment, they have nothing to do with politics or with communism, Communism is another very different political power, Communism is pure stealing and they talk a lot about stolen, they speech, lies and make many frauds, communist must to kept away from capitalism, capitalists are pure study and work, the workers and employees of capitalists factories, they are very rich, payed workers, well pay by the rich capitalist businessmen and their own studies, the factories are privately owned by capitalist businessman, many factories from the capitalism in mexico and the United States, they are under the care from well done, lawyers and insurance companies, many factories in mexico and america and arround the world, they are from the legal ownership from an american businessmen and their families, from the name howard hughes, its factories have nothing to do with any government, and to keep it fine working, the lawyers from hughes, they pay their taxes, they are in billions pay taxes, and the profit capital, it is shipped to countries like switzerland and north america, the factories of hughes are free of communism, because the u.s. government sent to attack any kind of communism, the power of hughes could defend against communism, with military power, to destroy communismin, in the country of the united states, there are as much from capitalist power, because the lawyers, defend so much to businessmen, to live well, and respect God, all like that it is respect, they do not allow communism, because communism destroys entire countries, as communism destroys to countries such as mexico, the government kidnapped all the economic foringers and nation power, to make communism to rob the businessman, communists, it does only to steal good and money, they spend it, all the money until to be done, as they like that, plunged in dirty poverty, and they have to again begin, to make more conflicts to steal their next captive. the capitalist power, already won in the Soviet country

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