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IN PRAISE OF INSTABILITY or the rise and fall in Bozen

This project became a complex program of several events, including militant historical studies in urbanism of such a specific area as Bozen\Bilzano is, seminar on instability, including:

-group practical trainings to fall,


-and a process of building a moving monument,

ended up as an anarcho-city-tour through the most significantly instable places in the Bozen. These spots have been picked up by the local historian and activist Florian Huber together with the seminar participants.

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The city tour started in the outskirts of Bolzano, where the Center for refugees is placed (stop 1). Just next to camp’s doorway a Bulgarian migrant, 30 year-old sex-worker was recently stabbed. We had a discussion with inhabitants of the camp and some of them joined the tour, which continued at the quarter where province administration stays (stop 2), piazza Walther, where the monument to medieval german poet was replaced (stop 3). Then we was abruptly stopped and checked by the city police. Then there was an unprogrammed pit-stop to repair wheels of our monument. Next stop was in front of Free University of Bolzano (now in the process of stabilization) (stop 4). Then we passed by Museion and stayed behind the walls of the Prison of Bolzano (stop 5), there we had an introduction to the political situation in Russia, about political prisoners of the 6 of May and many others who daily risks their freedom. After that we entered the Italian part of the city. (stop 6) – piazza Tribunale, built in 30s by fascist architects. Incredible urban ensemble where the buildings of city’s Justice and Finances offices facing each other. Built on the order of Mussolini still Finance office keeps on it’s surface a huge relief with duce mounting a horse and the Justice looks at him from the building across the square with her eyes wide open. Last stop before we arrived to Lungomare is piazza della Vittoria (stop 7) with monumental fascist-style gates, that divides two parts of the city: German and Italian one. All the performans in stopovers, talks, historical and urban introduction by Florian Huber, Nikolay Oleynikov, Luigi Coppola and other participants took over 3h 30min.

Project was realized in Lungomare Gasthaus in June, 2013

Participants: Martina Dandolo, Silvia Morandi, Ghertrude Gamberoni, Anna Gojer, Luigi Coppola.

Special guests: historian Florian Huber, archietto Daniele Lupo


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