Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


Basically this is a continuation of the series <Chto Delat of the Spirits>, started in 2010at Galeria NOVA, Zagreb. Still we continue to fulfill the list of those who inspires us as politically, as mentally and creatively, well, frankly – spiritually. All this great spirits are still being collected by Chto Delat. Here we have a new interpretation of Rosa Luxemburg (who were born in tiny Polish town, by the way) and two historical characters such as Marek Edelmann – one of the leaders of the Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto. Or an ex-terrorist became cultural functionary Wanda Krahelska-Fillipovicz aka Alinka. Medium of the painted mdf cutouts was found during my stay in south Italy, working on possible propaganda figures to visually fulfill a street rally.

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Realized in great occasion of CHTO DELAT solo at BWA Gallery in Wroclaw.

Series of 5 items made out of mdf platte, hand-colored with acrylic paint. Sizes various, but keeps about 2 meters height each.

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