Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}

ANATOMY of the PROTEST, vol. 1.

Learning mural, based on 10 day seminar, released during CHTO DELAT programme and show You Don’t Have to be Leftist to Think Like That, St.-Petersburg, 2012.

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photos by Sergey Yugov

Imagine yourself in the near future in the Museum of Political Anatomy, where one can study social symptoms of the past. This particular didactic chart reperesents some symptoms detected during so called russian unrest of 2011-12. Such as agitated observer (fig. 2), tongue of magority (fig. 4), rebellious brain (fig. 3), or irritated ear/sluggish bowels (fig.1)

The idea of this didactic chart came from early russian surrealism (Nikolay Gogol’s NOSE), and a metaphor of physeology frequently used by russian tabloid-like official national media of late putinism (recent scandal with a TV programme of the same name allegedly revealed the very nature of the protest movement just by using false evidence, which leaded to real arrests of some activists).

Seminar participants: Konstantin Golovnev, Anna Bulavina, Ekaterina Shadkovska, Donat, Billy, Sufi, Vladimir Speranski, Alexander Saiko, Natalisa Muzova, Sofia Akimova.


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