Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


Learning Mural based on 10-day communal living seminar, book selection, collages, installation for <Absolute Democracy> at <rotor>, during Steirischer Herbst, Graz, 2012.

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For this project artist invited a dozen of participants from different fields: artist, activists, researchers etc. to develop a Learning Mural and a reading room, called “fight library”. The process took 10 days filled with kick-box trainings, Industrial Gymnastics (collective physical exercises known from the Soviet past), film screenings, collective reading sessions, public talks, collective mural painting, library robberies , arrangement of a reading room, plus informal exchanges.

List of participants: Corina Apostol, Beate Birnbaum, Georg Dinstl, Maryam Heidarian, Severin Hirch, Anush Karakhanyan, Svetoslav Naidenov, Lavinia Raccanello, Yvonne Salber.

more about Absolute Democracy


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