Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}


learning mural, two weeks communal living seminar at KOMPLOT, Bruxelles, 2011.

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After a levitation workshop and a series of lectures, screenings and discussions, the participants in the project prepared a text for the mural’s storyline, loosely borrowing ideas and visions from the early Soviet science fiction of the 1920s. The mural considers following question: how is the relation between work and levitation to be seen today, in the times of our precarious present, amid prevailing conditions of groundlessness and a profound sense of insecurity? It investigates possible links between the levitating proletariat of the revolutionary 1920s and today’s groundless precariat trying to occupy some space and spaces. It spreads over 3 walls, each wall depicting a key scene of the plot: the trilateral agreement between Earth, Moon and Venus; the creative class’ exodus to the Moon, and the ultimate revolutionary explosion in space.
read a report published in Manifesta Journal, written by curator Elena Sorokina


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