Nikolay Oleynikov

assorted artworks {since 2010 'till present}

Who’s city is this?

Bordeaux, 2011

Image is based on traditional iconography of octopus as representation of power, capital, imperialism, corruption, mafia.
The Blind Octopus’s face is a portrait of mayor of Bordeaux mr. Alain Juppe
On tentacles there are typical neo-liberal-cultural-rethorics quoted out of official press-relise of EVENTO and Mayor’s official invitation letter.
Above Juppe there is a first line from Woody Guthrie’s famous song.
Below him: This mural can be only percieved as constructive representation of gentle power which brings into fruitful and healhty dialogue all urban actors and make them all happy.
Made by Sofia Tchouikina, Dmitry Vilensky, Ben Favre and many others in Spt 2011, but it’s N. Oleynikov who is responsible.

for more pics click below

Who’s city is this? \ Чей это город? Bordeaux, 2011

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